Top 5 SEO Experts in Pakistan You Should Follow

Do you wanna know everything about S-E-O?

What even is that? Why is it so hyped?

Even if you can’t relate to any of the questions I am sure you would relate to this one.

Where can I get the best SEO expert?

I mean, if you love SEO, this should be your quest or even if you want SEO still, this would be your quest.

Let’s not drag the drama anymore and get to the point. How about we reveal the experts already?

Here, you will find the exact top 5 SEO experts of the world for anything related to SEO that you are wanting to explore.

Rafay Waqar

Rafay Waqar Photo

Currently Working: Brand Ambassador at PakistanIT

Twitter: @rafaywaqar



Meet Rafay Waqar the SEO Guru and Brand Ambassador in PakistanIT

Rafay Waqar is a blogger and leader in the field of SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

With more than 8 years of experience in digital marketing, he works with many national and international companies in Pakistan. He is also a part of PakistanIT as a Brand Ambassador.

Rafay Waqar is one of the pioneers in Pakistan SEO Industry. He is also started his online academy name MeetRafay to teach students how to earn money through SEO and other digital marketing platforms.

He is offering online SEO training program, Affiliate marketing training, eCommerce business training. He also provide SEO consultancy for small and mid-level business.

Rafay Waqar is an expert in online marketing strategist who can turn your online business to its dream rank.

Rafay completed his digital marketing certifications from different top universities.

  • He has SEO certified from UC Davis University (University of California).
  • He has completed a Brand Management course from the University of London (London Business School).
  • He had done a Vital Marketing course from the University of Pennsylvania.
  • He has also achieved fundamentals of digital marketing certification from Google Digital Garage.
  • He has completed his Certification in Software Engineering from Aptech Computer Education.

SEO, SEM, and Content Marketing are his armors, he is also trained in handling Google Ads & Facebook Ads campaigns successfully.

With the achievement of being a brand ambassador at Aptech Computer Education in 2015 and awarded as the best SEO champ & team lead in CIS-2020.

He is a person with an extremely creative mindset, exceptional interpersonal skills, and a great problem-solver is what defines him best.

Approached as a guest speaker at Iqra University in 2017, he also acquire a leadership attitude and enjoys teamwork as well. Having immense experience with digital marketing, He is full of self-motivation and dedication and loves to conquer challenges. His passion for SEO can never die! Read more about Rafay Waqar

Usman Latif

Usman Latif Photo

Currently Working: CEO and Founder of Marcom Technologist

Twitter: @usman_latif


Asif Iqbal

Asif Iqbal Photo

Currently Working: CEO and Founder of Asif Iqbal Institute

Twitter: @asif5i



Naeem Rajani

Naeem Rajani Photo

Currently Working: CEO and Founder of Naeem Rajani Institute

Twitter : @naeem_rajani



Aamir Iqbal

Aamir Iqbal Photo

Currently Working: CEO and Founder of Green Hat World

Twitter: @ownbond



Rameez Ul Haq

Rameez Ul Haq Photo

Currently Working: CEO and Founder of Rameez Ul Haq Institute

Twitter: @rameezulhaqseo



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